Autohotkey – FFXIV

I have a passion for automation. Not sure how I picked that up, but I really do love it–so I’ve spent some time with AutoHotKey. In summary, it’s a language that interfaces well with your keyboard. That means you can press a button and have it do any number of things. In this case I’m messing around with handling the ridiculous number of game commands an MMO takes (FFXIV) and shrinking it down.

The “shrink” is a distinction between pressing a button and holding it. The classes I’ve written take a button and what two presses you’d like pressing/holding it to emulate, then output the first if you release fast enough, and the second if you don’t. An important distinction here is that when the program decides a key has been held long enough (.4 seconds, by default) it’ll fire the output once and then won’t again when you do release.

That’s all for FFXIV, but here’s a tip: adding some hotkeys to pause and to reload the script itself is a very helpful thing to do.

You can find the code at its Github repository, and AutoHotKey on its website.

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