Autohotkey – FFXIV

I have a passion for automation. Not sure how I picked that up, but I really do love it–so I’ve spent some time with AutoHotKey. In summary, it’s a language that interfaces well with your keyboard. That means you can press a button and have it do any number of things. In this case I’m messing around with handling the ridiculous number of game commands an MMO takes (FFXIV) and shrinking it down.

Ping Graph 1.1

If you’ve lived outside of a major city, chances are you know what it’s like to have unpredictable internet. Maybe that means random spikes of >500ms, maybe it means periodic disconnections, or maybe it means your bandwidth is awful. All three were (are) true for me when I lived with my parents, so I searched all around for something that could help me find or prepare for it. I found several utilities that did some of what I wanted, but nothing that did everything–and then they stopped working completely.

The Human Reignition Project

The Human Reignition Project is a visual novel being produced by Alienworks, a small game studio with three claims to fame: one, they’re backed by industry giant Sekai Project; two, they’ve put out a small Yuri game called Highway Blossoms; three, they’ve led an enormously successful Kickstarter project to fund their most recent project, HRP. Here’s their description of the project.