Ocarina of Time: Sad Songs

I grew up on Ocarina of Time: it remains one of my favorite video games to this day, although Majora’s Mask holds the number one spot. I think one of the most interesting differences between the two games are how the characters’ attention is directed: in OoT all attention is given to the player, to Link, whereas in MM attention is generally reserved for each other and for the dead that Link passes as.

Derivative Writing

Hey, we’ve all been there. A lot of people say “good writers borrow, great writers steal,” and those people are all a lot more accomplished so I believe it. I firmly believe that, while “there are no new ideas under the sun,” there are plenty of combinations of cliches or tropes that if they’ve even been done before, haven’t seen a perfect adaptation. Haven’t told an ideal story. Haven’t been used to their fullest.