Halfway through high school (or thereabouts) I played a visual novel called Katawa Shoujo, famous in the industry for being, to this day, the most popular western-made VN. The idea originated on 4chan, of all places, and made a gigantic splash in the gaming market when it came out. Many were inspired by their success and the story told by the game. I was impressed, certainly, but it wasn’t anything life-changing. I wasn’t quite the target audience–which I’ll discuss in a separate post sometime in the future.

I did love the idea of creating a VN, however, and when a small group started recruiting on the KS subreddit I threw my name in the mix. What resulted has been a 3-year-long (so far) foray into business, writing, team management and the discovery of an interesting group of friends. The project we’ve been working on (the same that got me into the Human Reignition Project) is called MainFrame, and it’s intended for a college-aged audience. Here’s a description of the story, straight from the website:

MainFrame is a fresh blend of college romance and science fiction set in America’s near future. It follows the story of Mason Smith who has the opportunity of a lifetime as he becomes a test subject for an invention that is more than meets the eye.

Along with a great deal of the common route, I’m responsible for a character named Abigail, schoolmate of the main character, and frequent antagonist. Here’s a short piece I wrote on her some time ago, to give you an idea of the kind of characters I prefer to create.

…I wanted to take a woman, a real woman, in her growth and her terrible mish-mash of flaws and lies, inconsistencies and contrasts, put her in a medium where often a girl is a simple conquest and whose flaws make her evoke feelings of protection, not irritation or revulsion… and still make her lovable.

That’s a good warning to give, I think: beware, all ye who enter here. It’s my goal to make you fall in love with this fictional character I’ve created. Or at least try.

Let me know if I do well.

We’re currently working towards a demo of the first quarter (“Act”) of the game. You can keep track of updates on the studio’s subreddit and website.

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