Ocarina of Time: Sad Songs

I grew up on Ocarina of Time: it remains one of my favorite video games to this day, although Majora’s Mask holds the number one spot. I think one of the most interesting differences between the two games are how the characters’ attention is directed: in OoT all attention is given to the player, to Link, whereas in MM attention is generally reserved for each other and for the dead that Link passes as.

So of course in Ocarina, Link is a heartthrob. He’s a hero. He’s larger than life. What surprise is it that women are falling for him left and right? It puts a difficult burden on him, when his whole motivation is to avoid seeing people hurt. In order to make one woman happy he has to break the hearts of everyone else.

It’s that sort of feeling that compelled me to write a short vignette from Saria’s and Malon’s perspectives when I was very young. I stumbled upon them recently and found that though the language I used was a little clunky, the feelings were still very well conveyed. I’ve written some more and ended up with entreaties from each of the women in Link’s life. I hope you enjoy them.

Saria – Minuet

Malon – Song

Ruto – Serenade

Nabooru – Requiem

Zelda – Lullaby

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