The Human Reignition Project

The Human Reignition Project is a visual novel being produced by Alienworks, a small game studio with three claims to fame: one, they’re backed by industry giant Sekai Project; two, they’ve put out a small Yuri game called Highway Blossoms; three, they’ve led an enormously successful Kickstarter project to fund their most recent project, HRP. Here’s their description of the project.

set in Japan, in the relatively near future. Still this century, but a couple decades from now. Advancements in fields like robotics have made a lot of jobs redundant, and nearly omnipresent devices like smartphones have the done the same for face-to-face conversation. HRP as a game examines the impact that technologies like these have on our lives and relationships. Within the story, the Human Reignition Project is a small group formed by one old lecturer; a relic of a more personal generation. He’d like to see things go back closer to the way they were.

We’re not trying to teach a lesson or anything like that, though. It’s setting and flavor, instead of a moral approach. We also blend in some light science fiction elements, and even some aspects of action/thriller stories, as a shadowy organization on the outside begins to make their presence known.

Hitomi, the true heroine of the story

Some time ago they reached out to me to write their Hitomi route, having heard of me through my work on MainFrame. I said yes and I’ve been writing for them about a year now, as of this posting. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m endlessly grateful for the set of circumstances that brought them to me.
My vision of Hitomi is as an energetic girl who pours her heart and soul into whatever happens to captivate her at the time–but has difficulties finishing projects and resisting the allure of something new and fun. They made a mistake putting me in charge of the cute girl: I’m too realistically-minded to make her anything but deeply flawed in a very human way.

Right now there’s no solid release date, but you can find updates on Alienworks’ Reddit or their Discord server.

Look forward to it!

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